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I love your 'Other Ways of Saying Reference Cards'! My kids find it hard to think of synonyms for 'boring' words so these are a brilliant resource for them.

Mary, USA

I just love these Library Dewey Decimal Posters. I put them in inexpensive frames and stood them on the book shelves. It has solved a lot of the "Where do I find the..." questions!

Sally-Anne, USA

A very great pack. I was put in charge of lesson planning for our 3D shapes unit and you just saved me hours. (3D Shapes Pack)

Coleton, Dubai

Your sticker charts saved my life one day after a particularly gruelling student support meeting. My kids love that there are a lot of these to choose from and the boxes are big enough for the stickers I use in the classroom (which is sometimes an issue.)

Sara, Kentucky USA

I love the Parts of Speech posters!! They're so kid friendly! Loved the use of bright colours, great examples, and not too cluttered!!

Angeles J

I absolutely love this resource. Getting the students to use other words instead of "good," "bad," "happy," "sad," etc. is a hassle, but your Other Ways of Saying resource makes it a lot easier. Thanks!

Emily M

The 3D Shapes pack is awesome. I used it last year after getting frustrated with the way my curriculum breezed through geometric shapes without really getting into any of the properties. My kids built the shapes, loved the graphic organizers and had a great time with the BINGO game. Thanks!

Lil M

Thank you for the task cards, greatly appreciated. I love your items; they make my room look great and are easy for the students to use.


Thanks so much for your resources-they're beautiful (and such a time saver!) I'm starting my first year as a beginning teacher in a couple of days and your resources will look fab in my room! Once again, thanks!


Have just downloaded and printed off my star chart -It looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much for the fast and friendly service.


Wow, thank you for your wonderful resources! I am forever promoting your site at school to everyone who visits my class and just like me they are amazed at what is on the site. Well done on creating such an awesome resource. I think I have a classroom full of most of your resources now. You have saved me so much time!


I have used your amazing resources in multiple classes across grades Kindergarten to 6. I will continue to recommend Imaginative Teacher to all my friends!!


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